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Applying to BBF

BBF aims to support initiatives that:

  • Align with the target areas of the first 1000 days of a child’s life or youth education, training and employment
  • Involve two or more organisations working together to achieve outcomes. Proposals supported by BBF will clearly demonstrate how the responsibilities for staff, milestones, actions, funding, community interaction, evaluation and reporting are undertaken together.
  • Are existing or new community groups, that are working in one or both target areas. For new groups, programs and projects, working with others who have a proven track record and the ability to manage project finances will be key.
  • Are existing or new programs/projects that are working in one or both target areas. Existing programs/projects might just need a ‘turbo boost’ or new, innovative programs/projects require a ‘kick start’.
  • Want to organise themselves into a collaboration. BBF also offers planning and capacity building support to those groups that want to work collaboratively but aren’t quite there yet.
  • Are “place based” (e.g. in one local community) or have a regional presence (e.g. in many locations in the Bay of Plenty).

For community groups who wish to apply through the BBF funding gateway
Please read through the checklist of points to consider if BBF funding gateway is right for your project/group. If you want to discuss your project further you can email us on:

For potential funders
Contact us to discuss becoming a funder with BBF – you can email us at: