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How we work

Working collaboratively
Many funders have similar goals and aspirations for the Bay of Plenty and already invest in many of the same community organisations. A collaborative approach allows us to align resources and knowledge and make a better impact. Collaboration means (Latin) ‘to labour together’. It is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to co-define a dilemma, co-design a process, co-create a solution and co-deliver actions to realize shared goals.

Reducing negative and increasing positive statistics for children and youth is a complex task requiring a different way of working. Funders are only one piece of the puzzle. Working with Iwi, communities, local government and other agencies is necessary to really make a positive difference. Together this creates a collective impact. BBF endeavours to do this and is looking to support community groups that work collaboratively with other organisations on projects in the two target areas.

Working in a community led way
Working with those communities and groups that are ready to engage is key to success in the target areas. BBF is committed to helping groups to plan projects/actions/goals that they want to see occur locally and consider how our joint funding gateway could support those actions. BBF acknowledges that a community led approach is neither simple nor fast, but BBF is committed to sustainable change rather than quick fix funding. Communities that are already working together and have agreed on their plan or project solution can apply for funding also.

Measuring the difference
BBF intends to support the use of Developmental Evaluation as an innovative opportunity to learn, experiment, reflect and be responsive to support the impact of BBF. BBF funding partners, community groups/providers and community members impacted by the projects will be part of this unique and valuable evaluation framework.

A funding gateway
BBF is not one funding pool, as funders maintain their own decision making to co-fund a project or not. BBF is however a gateway to funding. Where one funder may only be able to fund a proportion of the project, other BBF funders may be able to step in to support full funding for a project.

Consider if BBF funding gateway is right for your project/group